Forensic Psychologist Salaries in Connecticut

In 2014, the United States Department of Labor reported that Connecticut was the third highest-paying state for forensic psychologists in the nation. In addition, the Connecticut Department of Labor named forensic psychologists among the state’s list of highest paying occupations. At that time, forensic psychologists employed here received an average annual salary of $87,323 and an average hourly wage of $41.98. Of course, partners and principals in independent firms routinely earn more than this.

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How Experience Impacts Earnings for Forensic Psychologists in Connecticut

Salary studies piloted by the United States Department of Labor in 2014 show a direct link between forensic psychology salaries and experience levels. Common ways for forensic psychologists to accumulate experience and thereby increase their earning potential include:

  • Engaging in continuing education events through professional organizations like the Connecticut Psychological Association
  • Participating in internships, fellowships, mentorships
  • Volunteering to handle pro bono cases
  • Landing paid jobs over several years

In 2014, the federal government reported that forensic psychologists with entry-level positions in Connecticut earned an average annual salary of just $51,600. After acquiring a few years of field experience, mid-career forensic psychologists received an average annual salary closer to $82,600. Yet, the most experienced forensic psychologists practicing statewide were awarded a much higher average annual salary of $115,800.

Forensic psychologists are particularly drawn to Connecticut because the state offers higher salaries to professionals at all experience levels compared to the national average. For example, in 2014, the national average annual salary for entry-level forensic psychologist was $40,100; those working at the mid-career level received $82,600 on average; and the most experienced forensic psychologists took home an average of $113,600.

Forensic Psychologist Salaries by Locale in Connecticut

Geographic location of employment is a determining factor that can affect a forensic psychologist’s earning potential in Connecticut.

For example, research conducted by the United States Department of Labor in 2014 revealed that forensic psychologists employed in the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, and New Haven areas received average annual salaries of over $88,000. On the other hand, those working in the Norwich-New London (CT-RI) and the Eastern Connecticut nonmetropolitan areas were paid an average annual salary of under $73,500.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk CT
Danbury CT
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford CT
New Haven CT
Norwich-New London CT-RI
Waterbury CT