Forensic Psychologist Salaries in Kentucky

Kentucky’s forensic psychologists are doing work that is receiving national attention. Recently the state of New Jersey, along with cities like Chicago and Pittsburg, began to implement a formula originally developed by Kentucky-based forensic psychologists in 2011. This formula helps judges determine the likelihood an accused person will attempt to flee or commit another crime.

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The Washington Post reported on the findings, noting that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says his state will implement the formula to release some defendants as well. This follows the recent suicide of a New York man who killed himself after being held in Rikers Island for three years because he could not pay a $3,000 bail.

Kentucky forensic psychologists developed this formula so that defendants who were less likely to commit crimes were able to walk freely until their trial while those with a violent criminal history or known members of powerful criminal organizations could not.

Kentucky’s forensic psychologists not only ensure that the guilty receive punishment, but that they are treated fairly according to the proportion of their crimes and mental condition. These experts in legal and psychological work are well compensated for their high level of education and vital expertise. Those with well-established independent practices and strong reputations typically earn six-figure incomes.

Salaries for Forensic Psychologists Working in Kentucky

Nationally forensic psychologists earn between $47,000 and $90,000, according to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is consistent with earnings for Kentucky’s forensic psychologists who earn an average of about $63,000 annually statewide.

Salaries for forensic psychologists in metropolitan areas typically earn more. The average annual salary for a forensic psychologist in the Lexington area is $74,880, for example.

The following data has been drawn from a survey of Kentucky job openings for forensic psychology positions in July 2015.

  • Trial Consultant – $46,000 to $91,000
  • Expert Witness – $45,000 to $61,000
  • Psychological Evaluator – $61,508 to $98,050

Forensic Psychologist Salaries in Kentucky According to Location

The table below shows salaries for forensic psychologist jobs across Kentucky’s major metropolitan areas (US Department of Labor, 2014):

Area name
Annual mean wage
Lexington-Fayette KY