Forensic Psychologist Salaries in Maryland

Baltimore was the focus of national media attention in 2015 due to the death of Freddie Gray, and the civil unrest that has taken place since the 25 year old was killed following an alleged confrontation with police. Though this tragedy highlights a long history of troubled race relations in Baltimore, forensic psychologists are helping to make a difference in Maryland’s legal and law enforcement systems by exploring the nature and cause of violence, both among residents and between law enforcement and resident minorities.

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Maryland’s forensic psychologists are well compensated for the vital research they conduct in these matters, providing valuable information that could one day help shape policy. Their extensive education and specialized expertise helps them earn an average annual salary of nearly $85,000 (US Department of Labor, 2014), and affords them respect in the communities they serve.

Salaries for Forensic Psychologists in Maryland

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of psychology will continue to grow as much as 12% between 2012 and 2022. As specialized experts with a higher level of education, forensic psychologists are expected to see even higher job growth than general psychologists during this period; with some forensic psychology education centers predicting job growth rates of 15% to 19% through 2018.

Annual salary ranges have been drawn from a July 2015 survey of job boards for relevant positions in Maryland and listed below for illustrative purposes only:

  • Trial Consultant – $55,000 to $67,000
  • Criminal Psychologist – $60,000 to $77,000
  • Expert Witness – $72,000 to $87,000
  • Forensic Psychologist – $77,000 to $91,000

Salaries for Forensic Psychologists in Maryland’s Major Metro Areas

The table below shows salaries for psychologists throughout Maryland’s metropolitan areas (US Department of Labor, 2014).

Area name
Annual mean wage
Baltimore-Towson MD
Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick MD Metropolitan Division